Things to know before visiting Cloud 9

Cloud 9 on Ro Ro Reef in Fiji is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers visiting this tropical paradise and once you see photos, it’s not hard to forgive our why. But there’s only so much you can learn from the photos of this floating haven, that’s where I come in.

After a recent holiday to Fiji and a day trip out to Cloud 9 I’ve put together my top tips for travellers planning to visit. Get reading and prepare yourself for a day of relaxation in heaven on earth.

Arrive early

There are multiple cruise operators that run charters out to the bar, but while they might guarantee you the fastest trip or a personalised cruise, you won’t set foot on the platform until the official Cloud 9 boat has unloaded.

We chose to book a seat on the official boat, The Galilean, and while we may have paid a little more than if we travelled with another company, it was made up for during the day with us grabbing one of the best seats on the platform.

Keep track of your tab

As we travelled out with Cloud 9, part of our fare covered a FJD$60 bar tab each. This meant we were able to order food and drink without paying extra. As my partner and I aren’t big drinkers the prices of cocktails weren’t a big issue, but if you’re looking to spend your day sipping Pina Coladas on this floating paradise then be prepared to lose a few Fijian dollars, especially if you don’t have a head start with a prepaid tab.

Prices hover around FJD$30 to FJD$40 for drinks and FJD$20 to FJD$30 for one of those delicious pizzas visitors always brag about.

Take an underwater camera

One of our biggest regrets for our visit to Cloud 9 was not taking an underwater camera. The weather was impeccable when we visited which meant the water as crystal clear – yay for us! – but unfortunately you’ll just have to take my word for it.

If you have your own snorkel gear I recommend bringing it along so you can swim over the nearby reef. If you don’t own your own snorkel, goggles and flippers you can hire them on bird, but be prepared to pay a little extra than you would on the mainland.

Overall, Cloud 9 is a definite bucket list item that is well worth the trip out. Whether you’re in Fiji for a day or a week, make sure you can fit this day trip into your itinerary.

Go on, take the leap and visit on your next trip, you won’t regret it.


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