3 ways to prepare for Oktoberfest Brisbane

The first two months of October see Brisbane come alive with dirndls, lederhosen and yodeling thanks to the annual Oktoberfest Brisbane.

This year is set to be bigger and better than ever with a few new features introduced set to enhance the experience tenfold.

So, here are a few things to remember before donning your best outfits and heading to the gates.

Plan your outfit

Take it from someone who dropped into Oktoberfest without a costume, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re dressed in your best German attire. Be it a dirndl, lederhosen or beer maid outfit, if you have to order it online, drop into your nearest costume store or try and whip one up with pieces you have in the cupboard, Oktoberfest is the place for costumes.

Some costume shops in Brisbane include Crackerjack Costumes in Taringa and Disguises in South Brisbane. If you have enough time you can purchase yours online and have it shipped to you from numerous sites including Blossom Costumes, a costume shop based in Melbourne.

Men, if you don’t want to fork out for the whole lederhosen outfit, Crackerjacks has the suspenders for sale for just $25!

Buy your tickets online

Oktoberfest Brisbane is one of the most anticipated and popular events in the city and its only held over two weekends. To avoid missing out it’s best to buy your tickets online through the official Oktoberfest website rather than yodelling up and purchasing one at the gate. Though you can still do that, if you want to ensure your place inside the festival on one or all of the days in the first or second week then jump online and start buying.

A good thing about buying the tickets online is that you can buy some useful merchandise online before arriving. You can click and collect the likes or a beer stein, a stein cooler, a combo stein and cooler and some food.

Top up your wallet

This year the festival is doing things a little differently, so forget about lining up for coupons and then lining up for beers because the whole festival is now cashless. Yes, cashless! This doesn’t mean you can just swipe your bank card left, right and centre, instead you need to create and top up your digital wallet linked to your smart wristband which you’ll receive at the entry when you hand over your ticket.

From here, all you’ll have to do is tap your band on and off to purchase drinks, food and merchandise, like a Go Card, and voila, that beautiful German beer is all yours!

The beauty about this process is that you will get served a whole lot quicker and won’t have to worry about losing your money or coupons throughout the day.

There is a one off $3 fee when you create your Digital Wallet, however, you’re then able to top up in person while at the festival or from your phone and be refunded back all money left over at the end of your visit.

Oktoberfest Brisbane runs for two weekends, the first from the 6th to the 8th of October and the second from the 13th to the 15th of October at the Brisbane Showgrounds.

It’s an unmissable event, hope to see you all there!

Images: Oktoberfest Brisbane


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