On My Plate: Italian Street Kitchen, Brisbane

Nestled in Newstead’s Gasworks complex, Italian Street Kitchen is a haven for pizza and pasta lovers and a dream come true for budget-conscious diners. With a laid back atmosphere, Italian Street Kitchen is ideal for a mid week catch up or a weekend outing. 

I can’t leave out the best part, Italian Street Kitchen is BYO, yes you read that correctly, an Italian BYO restaurant!

After a recent visit to the restaurant with a bottle of wine in hand, I chose to write a review to warn future diners, you will never want to stop eating at this place! 

The Location

Newstead is growing to become a go-to dining precinct and Italian Street Kitchen has started to cement that fact. With residential high rises being built left, right and centre, it’s no mystery as to why bars and restaurants are establishing themselves in this area.

If you’re looking to drive to the restaurant you’re in luck as the Gasworks complex offers customers 2-hours free parking if you aren’t lucky enough to nab yourself a street park. There’s also a bus stop right out of the front for those who are eager to take advantage of the restauarant’s BYO service.

The Food

Where should I start? The food on offer isn’t just good, it’s incredible! As an avid pasta eater myself I am no stranger to a good Spaghetti or Lasagna, so of course, I turned my gaze to the pasta list.

The dish of choice for the evening was the Rigatoni Amatriciana (pictured beautiful above) but before we could enjoy the mains, the starters began catching my attention. With a few tips from a previous diner I was alerted to the fried gnocchi, a dish I highly recommend. 

The pizza is also a viable choice and after I finished inhaled my pasta dish I had massive food envy for my friend’s wood fired pizza.

There is no table service at the restaurant which helps to keep the prices low, so instead you line up to order at the counter with your table number in mind. 

The Drinks

As I mentioned above, Italian Street Kitchen is a BYO restaurant so you can bring your own bottle of wine to share with the table or enjoy on your own.

There aren’t any corkage fees either, so you can enjoy that nice Pinot Noir without forking out a little extra for a glass.

If you’re not bringing your own, you’ll be pleased to know there is a thirst-quenching drink list available. You can grab a glass of wine on tap, choose from a number of beers and, of course, soft drink.

For those who prefer to keep things simple you can enjoy a few glasses of sparkling water on the house. Yes, they have free sparkling water.

The Service

The staff at the restaurant are nothing short of amazing, from friendly smiles to greet you to attentive staff delivering your food, you’d be hard pressed to find staff as great at these.

It’s important to note that you can’t book tables at Italian Street Kitchen as it runs on a first in first served basis with a waitlist after all the tables are filled. On weekends, 7 pm is prime time so if you don’t want to wait 30 minutes or more, I advise arriving a little earlier than usual for a early meal.

Once the food was served and enjoyed, the wine bottles emptied and the conversation flowing at least 2 hours had past. We weren’t rushed out the door, in fact we were offered the chance to order more food before the kitchen shut. 

Visiting with a group of friends, we ended up staying longer than we thought and eating more than we expected, but boy was it worth it! 

Fork Rating

I give Italian Street Kitchen 4 forks out of 5. Everything about this establishment was bella.

If you’re after a restaurant that serves up delicious, affordably priced food with a central location and great service then you should look no further than Italian Street Kitchen!

Location: Shop B1-B2 Gasworks Plaza, Skyring Terrace Newstead

Images: Italian Street Kitchen


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