What to Pack for a Gold Coast Getaway

As the weather warms up and the pants become shorts, the Gold Coast is turning into an even more appealing destination (minus the two weeks that it’s occupied by celebrating Schoolies). The Gold Coast is known around the world as being the ‘face’ of Queensland and sometimes even Australia. Images of the golden beaches, crashing waves and blankets of people spread over kilometres of beaches tend to fill the minds of travellers from abroad.

If long days in the sun, on the beach and in the surf sound like a dream come true then the Gold Coast is the place to be. As Christmas creeps up the beaches are becoming fuller and the accommodation is becoming scarce, however if you were lucky enough to score yourself a good rate and are making your way up, down or over to the Gold Coast then you’ll need to be prepared.

surfers paradise beach.jpg

Here I’ll go over what to pack for a weekend away on the Gold Coast from a part-time Gold Coast local and a full-time summer lover.


The perfect beach attire is necessary and if you’re coming for the beaches, you’ll be spending most your time here. Think loose fitting dresses for the ladies, board shorts and singlets for the boys, swimmers (of course), another pair of swimmers just in case, maybe a third pair if you’re fussy, and a big hat. The Queensland heat can sometimes become unbearable and a big, wide-brimmed hat can sometimes be your only saviour when the water is even too hot to handle.


If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of just lying on the beach tanning, then make sure you bring something to entertain yourself. Be it the latest Nicholas Sparks novel, a stack of current magazines, a Sudoku or word search book or anything else that can keep your attention for hours on end. On the other side of the spectrum, if you’re looking to get active during your visit to the beach you can BYO frisbee, ball or dog. The difference between my partner and I is that he prefers to be running around, skipping stones and doing anything he can to get his body moving at the beach, whereas you’ll usually find me reading, catching up on podcasts or at a close by bar.


It’s never a bad idea to pack active wear, and if you have the intention to exercise it’s almost as good as actually exercising, right? The Gold Coast is filled with some beautiful walking trails both coast and inland that will take you to some of the region’s most beautiful destinations. The Gold Coast Hinterland contrasts the regular images of the Gold Coast by showing you the luscious, green, waterfall filled side of this popular holiday destination. Head to Springbrook National Park or Tamborine Mountain, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re looking to stay coastal then there are various boardwalks and paths long the beachfront that will provide you with some impressive views while also getting your heart rate up. My favourite destination for a beach front walk is in the suburb of Miami, the flat trail follows the beach before rising to a lookout offering sweeping views over the surrounding region.


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